Maison Patrick Piuze (Chablis) by Allen Meadows

  • 2012 Petit Chablis white 88
  • 2012 Chablis – Terroir de Chablis white 89
  • 2012 Chablis – Terroir de Chichée white 87
  • 2012 Chablis – Terroir de Courgis white 88
  • 2012 Chablis – Terroir de Fyé white 87
  • 2012 Chablis – Terroir Découverte white 87
  • 2012 Chablis - Blanchots Grand Cru white (90-92)
  • 2012 Chablis - Bougros Grand Cru white (89-91)
  • 2012 Chablis – Côte de Bouquerottes Grand Cru white (89-92)
  • 2012 Chablis “Butteaux” 1er Cru white NR
  • 2012 Chablis – Les Clos Grand Cru white NR
  • 2012 Chablis “La Forêt” 1er white (89-91)
  • 2012 Chablis “Fourchaume” 1er Cru white NR
  • 2012 Chablis “Montée de Tonnerre” 1er cru white (90-92)
  • 2012 Chablis – Les Preuses Grand Cru white (90-92)
  • 2012 Chablis “Vaillons de Minots” 1er cru white (88-91)
  • 2012 Chablis – Valmur Grand Cru white (89-92)
  • 2012 Chablis “Vaulorent” 1er Cru white (89-92)

2012 Petit Chablis : Very fresh aromas of green fruit, sea breeze and a hint of wet stone serve as a pretty introduction to the very rich, round and generously proportioned flavors that are tangy in the best sense before terminating in a clean, dry and
balanced finish. This delivers fine quality in the context of the appellation. 88/2014+

2012 Chablis – Terroir de Chichée : This is really quite lovely aromatically with its nuanced and perfumed aromas of oyster shell, green fruit and pear. There is plenty of mid-palate fat to the round and tender flavors that remind me a bit of the texture
of a good Meursault though there is only average depth and length. This should drink well almost immediately. 87/2014+

2012 Chablis – Terroir Découverte : Cool aromas of green fruit, lemon zest, ocean breeze and quinine scents precede round, delicious and overtly generous middle weight flavors that possess just enough acidity to balance off the richness.

2012 Chablis – Terroir de Courgis : A perfumed and attractively well-layered nose offers up notes of green fruit, algae, iodine and mineral reduction. There is excellent volume and solid mid-palate concentration to the very round, generous and
tender flavors that tighten up thanks to the buffering acidity on the agreeably dry and balanced finish. A quality villages.

2012 Chablis – Terroir de Chablis : There is plenty of Chablis character present on the lacy and airy nose that displays touches of oyster shell, Granny Smith apples, citrus and tidal pool nuances. There is excellent complexity to the very forward
and generously proportioned middle weight flavors that also manage to retain good focus and balance on the agreeably clean,dry and lightly mineral infused finish. Lovely and worth considering. 89/2015+

2012 Chablis – Terroir de Fyé : This is completely different aromatically and is intensely floral with hints of mineral reduction and salt water that are also reflected by the exceptionally rich and round middle weight flavors that possess fine volume and a
seductive mouth feel. There is a borderline salty character to the finish that is presently a bit flat for my taste though by no means heavy. 87/2014+

2012 Chablis “Fourchaume” : (90% from Fourchaume proper). An intensely lactic nose is hard to read and the lactic character also extends to the palate. At this stage of the élevage it’s hard to say if this will clean up or not ? Not Rated

2012 Chablis “Vaillons de Minots” : (Minots is another spelling for the climat Mélinots which was originally known as Les Minots ; it is generally considered to be the warmest of all of the climats within Vaillons yet curiously the wines always seem to
retain good acidity). There is also a touch of lactic character here as well though in this case it is markedly less pronounced and it does not extend to the palate. There is good cut and fine detail to the energetic middle weight flavors that possess a
touch of minerality on the lemon and saline-infused finish. My predicted range obviously offers the benefit of the doubt that this will clean up. (88-91)/2016+

2012 Chablis “La Forêt” : An exuberantly fresh and cool nose liberates notes of green fruit, iodine and lemon grass. There is a lovely sense of underlying tension to the attractively textured medium-bodied flavors that exude a fine minerality on the
balanced and lingering finish. This is pretty rather than deep though it’s possible more depth will develop. (89-91)/2016+

2012 Chablis “Butteaux” : Once again there is a trace of lactic character that is enough to detract from the purity of the otherwise appealing green fruit aromas. There is also enough of the lactic element to notice on the palate and while there is
good depth of material, this is difficult to assess. Not Rated.

2012 Chablis “Vaulorent” : In contrast to the funky nose of the Butteaux here the aromas are pure, elegant and airy with lovely notes of sea breeze adding breadth to the pear, white flower and mineral reduction scents. There is excellent volume to
the chalky medium weight flavors that possess a clean, dry and cool finish. A wine of class and refinement. (89-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis “Montée de Tonnerre” : (from Montée de Tonnerre proper). This is aromatically similar to the Vaulorent but with just a touch more complexity that carries over to the rich, round and imposing middle weight plus flavors that brim with a
palate coating dry extract. And also like the Vaulorent there is a lovely sense of refinement to the saline, balanced and impressively persistent finish. Lovely. (90-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis - Blanchots : An airy, pure and beautifully elegant nose that is restrained to the point of being almost discreet offers up notes of white flower, pear, citrus and iodine. There is very good volume to the round, supple and distinctly rich
flavors that, like the nose, are on the understated side with lovely balance on the lemon and mineral-inflected finish that delivers very fine persistence. A wine of harmony and grace. (90-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis - Bougros : A bit of wood sets off the green fruit, oyster shell and iodine aromas that give way to rich and quite full-bodied flavors that also possess a textured mouth feel on the tangy, delicious and lingering finish. I like the balance and
the muscularity but this is somewhat simple and even when further development is factored in it’s hard to see this being something truly special. (89-91)/2016+

2012 Chablis – Côte de Bouquerottes : (this is the old spelling used by the monks for the Côte de Bouguerots). This is a notable step up in elegance with an admirably pure nose of green fruit, white flowers, salt water and shellfish. There is a
terrific sense of energy and vitality to the detailed and overtly mineral-driven flavors that culminate in a clean, dry, intense and linear finish. This will require a few years of bottle age to really flesh out though it should be largely ready over a mid-term
cellaring horizon. (90-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis - Valmur : A markedly cool, pure and restrained nose features ripe green fruit laced with abundant notes of wet stone and ocean breeze hints. There is a really lovely texture to the intense and precise flavors that brim with plenty of dry
extract on the detailed and energetic finish that is at once elegant yet displays the hallmark Valmur austerity. For the record there is an almost invisible hint of lactic character on the finish but my range offers the benefit of the doubt as it’s really quite
subtle and will, in all likelihood, clean up properly. (89-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis – Les Preuses : An airy, pure and elegant nose is not necessarily any more refined but it is more complex with lemon-tinged green fruit plus mineral reduction and sea breeze notes. There is excellent richness to the voluminous and
saline-inflected medium weight flavors that possess the same fine complexity as does the nose, all wrapped in an agreeably dry and long finale. (90-92)/2017+

2012 Chablis – Les Clos : Once again there is a noticeable lactic character to the nose that also extends to the palate. This will probably clean up but when there is this much lactic character it’s frankly very hard to ignore. Not Rated.